15 Minute Manifestation

If you have ever experienced a manifestation, then you already know the power it has over you. It is so powerful that you will do almost anything to protect it. You also understand how powerful it is. When it is allowed to become more of a personal 15 minute manifestation review experience, it makes it even more powerful. So how can you know if you are having a manifestation, or if it is time to start protecting the new reality? Do you notice things in your life that may seem random, but have a pattern to them? Sometimes these things just appear out of nowhere. Other times they come more slowly, and you have no idea what has come up. This is a form of a manifestation. A spiritual manifestation is also referred to as a form of a "Higher Power".

The Higher Power does not choose to manifest in this way, but chooses to take on our reality. Some believe that humans are actually "chosen" to be part of their spiritual world. A spiritual manifestation is not something that is unique to the present moment. It comes from a place of love, and is just like a vision that comes into the mind. We choose to be open to the possibility that a manifestation may come, but we do not know what form it will take. Or how long it will take. The difference between a conscious and unconscious manifestation is the definition of consciousness.

A consciousness that is awake is aware of a manifestation. An unconscious consciousness is not aware of the manifestation. So, if you are having a manifestation, you may not consciously be aware of it. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have never experienced a spiritual manifestation, you are not ready for it. If you try to make it happen before you are ready, it is likely that you will fail. The great news is that it is not necessary to worry about a manifestation being something that will come and go. It can happen at any time. At any time, the manifestation that is occurring now can be of a different type. And you will be ready for it.